Business model


Imagine a business cycle where everyone involved wins. This is the simple, innovative model that made the INCENTIVALE became the largest company who work exclusively with gift cards in Brazil and the biggest and best brands in the domestic retail in your portfolio.

As heavy buyers, our volumes and prices generate unique business opportunities, which are passed on to our customers, which in turn also deliver its award-winning. The winners, focus all of our market, can enjoy the use of their gifts and premiums, exchanging their gift cards at the same stores that issued them, creating a cycle of attracting new entrants, in a corporate channel low operating cost but with large direct and indirect sales revenues in branding.

National coverage


The Incentivale caters to any company interested in buying gift cards, tickets or vouchers for gift or reward their employees.

Today, these business dealings occur in the first instance by phone and in sequence, depending on the customer’s needs, with the visit of an executive INCENTIVALE Sales. Soon, we will be operating our e-commerce platform.

Due to our highly successful sales, INCENTIVALE studying trade representation model in the state and in other places with large potential buyer.

If you are interested in being a INCENTIVALE representative in your city, we will be very happy to assist you via email:


Products table

See our trade policy with details and values.