What do the biggest retailers in Brazil think of Incentivale?


Product Supervisor

“Incetivale is an innovative company in the incentive's market, and its partnership with CVC has been going on for more than 5 years. During this period, we have established an excellent relationship, being one of the sales leaders of our CVC Gift-Travel Card in the market. Through this partnership, we achieved results and growth with significant sales, in addition to the initiatives proposed for the evolution of our product in the market.

As a result of CVC’s transparency and trust, Incentivale has taken on the complete fulfillment of our CVC Gift-Travel Card product, optimizing all of the processes and reducing delivery times for more than 1300 CVC stores throughout Brazil. Thus, we increase our productivity and offer the product at the point of sale. We strongly recommend Incentivale to all of our partners.”


Communication and Relationship Manager

“Incentivale believed in our product and began to offer the Gift Certificate in our restaurants over three years ago. The volume has grown so much that we were sold out a few times. Incentivale’s main contribution came with the design of our new Gift Card, which would never have been implemented without their help and experience. Gift Card sales today represent an important business within the Outback network.”


B2B | Manager

“Our partnership was a great learning experience during these almost five years. We’ve had more than 80% revenue growth, and this is due to the exceptional work you do.

Since the migration of some of our Gift customers to Incentivale, in addition to increasing productivity, we have evident customer satisfaction.”


Sales Executive

“The great success achieved in business operations and personalized service to the corporate world has made Incentivale a great ally for the largest retail chains in Brazil when it comes to selling more in a structured and continuous manner.

The Gift Cards market in Brazil presents many opportunities and a potential that the company is exploring in both the B2B market with Incentivale and B2C. Customers have been increasingly looking for alternative options when shopping, and the Happy Vale directly meets this need.”


New Business Manager

“Incentivale has proven, over the last years, to be a key partner in the corporate sale of our Gift Cards. With a unique and complete view of this market, they facilitate things between us and all of the companies interested in our cards like no other company I have worked with before.

Our operating model, which has become extremely efficient and agile on a daily basis, is worth highlighting, thanks to Incentivale’s flexibility in seeking the best way to operate our cards. All of this has made our sales grow year after year, and today this corporate sale already represents an important percentage within the total sale of Riachuelo’s Gift Cards.”

What companies that reward the most have to say about Incentivale?

“Agile and attentive service. They meet the deadlines as agreed. I recommend them.”


FCB BRASIL | Project Coordinator

“We at Alcateia are proud to have Incentivale on our partner team, which from the very first contact has responded to us in an agile and efficient way, contributing to the success and growth of our business. Incentivale is synonymous with growth and confidence, their employees are always ready to talk to us, and this helps to strengthen our partnership every day.”


ALCATEIA | Marketing

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